Laravel Episode 5: MySQL and Auth Design

Episode 5: MySQL and Auth Design   Show how to configure MySQL Create a database Create a user specific to the database Design the Users and Roles table Move roles migration file so it is created before users - rename it Edit user migration file so it uses role_id as foreign key Create log in …


Laravel Episode 4: Models, Migration, and Database

Episode 4: Models, Migration, and Database Look at the /config/database.php file Use sqlite for demo database touch storage/database.sqlite Look at migration files Explain naming convention php artisan migrate Explain migration, rollback, and refresh Explain up() and down() Explain what timestamps() is Create a default record for user Create a migration for roles table

Laravel Episode 3: Controllers and More Views

Episode 3: Controllers and Move Views Refer to topics covered in Episode 2 Adding assets locally using Node - jQuery and Bootstrap Continue editing the Bootstrap layouts How Controllers are used with Views How to apply active CSS class for controlling style of navbar Adding notification section

Upgrading to Jekyll 3

On October 26, 2015, Jekyll 3.0 was released. You can check out the blog post at I decided to try it out but I ran into a few issues. One big one that many may face is the built-in pagination feature. In version 3, it is now deprecated. You can still use it but you …