Vanwalk 15-in-1 GoPro Accessory Kit

I recently got a good deal on a GoPro Hero+ so I decided to pick one up. It’s my first GoPro so I don’t have much plans for it yet. I wanted to use it as a HD webcam but to my surprise, you can’t. At least not without a lot of setting up and …

Laravel Episode 7: CRUD Part 1

Episode 7: CRUD Part 1   Changes since the last episode. Switched out laravelcollective code to standard html code. Moved validation messages to part of the form. Updated elixir to version 5. Create a new migration for products table. id int(11) product_name varchar(255) sku varchar(30) price decimal(5,2) description text timestamps php artisan make:migration create_products_table Create …

Laravel Episode 4: Models, Migration, and Database

Episode 4: Models, Migration, and Database Look at the /config/database.php file Use sqlite for demo database touch storage/database.sqlite Look at migration files Explain naming convention php artisan migrate Explain migration, rollback, and refresh Explain up() and down() Explain what timestamps() is Create a default record for user Create a migration for roles table

Laravel Episode 3: Controllers and More Views

Episode 3: Controllers and Move Views Refer to topics covered in Episode 2 Adding assets locally using Node - jQuery and Bootstrap Continue editing the Bootstrap layouts How Controllers are used with Views How to apply active CSS class for controlling style of navbar Adding notification section