Laravel Episode 10: More Middleware and Routes

episode 10

Episode 10: More Middleware and Routes


  • Laravel Debugbar by barryvdh
    • Works with Laravel 4 and 5.
    • Great tool for sql profiler among other things.
  • Review the previous episode regarding multiple roles middleware.
    • Middleware implementation is not the same as how I implemented filters from previous version of Laravel.
    • Use Debugbar how the SQL looks with current implementation of RoleMiddleware().
  • Possibly rewrite Role::userHasRole() to User::hasRoles() like the example from Laravel’s website.
  • Explain how to apply multiple middlewares for each route but for my example, it isn’t working as expected.
  • Restful routing may not be used with implementation that is chosen.
    • Possibly have to recode forms from CRUD to match new routes.
  • Show Route Groups

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