Goodies from Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon has an annual sale event they call Prime Day. It’s kind of like Black Friday in the summer. But just like any annual sales event, the deals are less and less – or is it because many of us already have a lot of things we’ve purchased from past sales that we assume the deals aren’t that great because we don’t need it or have it.

Well this year I wanted to check out the Amazon devices. I’ve been using Amazon devices for awhile now. Many are aging so this would be a good time to trade them in for newer versions.

One of the most frustrating thing about the Amazon Fire Stick is the remote. It has no power button or volume control – until recently. I find myself multiple remotes.

Old remote vs new remote

They should have released the new remote to begin with. If you were to buy the remote by itself, it’s $29. During Prime Day, the Fire Stick 4K was being sold for $25. I also I applied the following discounts.

I used $1.71 worth of points. I practically got the device for free plus tax.

The Echo Show 5 is small

The next Amazon device I picked up was the Amazon Echo Show 5. I didn’t even know this existed but figured I’ll pick it up. I traded in my parents’ old Echo Dot since they don’t use it anymore. By trading this in I was able to get $5 credit plus $22.50 off the already discounted price. The regular price for this device is $89.99. Prime Day reduced it to $49.99. With recycling fee and tax it was just over $34. I have yet to open it because I don’t know where to put it. Maybe in the guest room. Here’s the break down.

  • Prime Day price of Echo Show 5: $49.99
  • Traded in old Echo Dot: $5
  • Discounted another $22.50 for trading in old Echo device
1st gen on the left, 2nd gen on the right

I didn’t plan to pick up the 2nd gen Echo Show. We have two of the 1st gen. The one in the kitchen is starting to look like it’s going to break. For whatever reason, the screen was no longer getting bright. I decided to trade it in and pick up the 2nd gen.

Lego 75220 Sandcrawler

I’ve been wanting to get the Lego 75220 Sandcrawler but didn’t feel the regular price of $139.99 was fair. This set was discounted to $99 so I gladly picked it up. There have been reports of this set being clearanced at Walmart but YMMV. It is a better price. I’ve done the wild goose chase with Walmart clearance items in the past and I just wasted my time and patience.

Lego 21311 Voltron

I was debating on the Lego 21311 Voltron but regular price was $175. I’m a huge fan of this show – the old one, not the Netflix version. But I just couldn’t talk myself to paying regular price. Luckily, they sold it for $138 and I picked it up. Many may say it’s not a big discount, but to me it’s still a discount.

Not a bad haul during Prime Day. I’m happy with what I was able to get.

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