is back

I finally decided to bring back my old domain I have been contemplating on this for a couple of years now. Since 2006, my wife and I started a blog and have been writing posts there since. According to, 2003 was the last time I managed the website. I don’t even remember. Although I’m seeing some versions from 2005 but I don’t believe I was as active anymore. I used e107 CMS to run that version of the website. I also wrote plugins for it. Those were the days. I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve been active online.

So it’s coming back, why? Well, I figured I want to have a professional presence where I can showcase and share my skills. I’m turning abbyandwin into more of a personal blogging site. The articles I wrote will continue to remain there. Also, there are over 300 articles there and it’s taking longer and longer to compile with Jekyll every time I have an update. One of these days, I may archive it but it will be a huge task if I want to keep the SEO intact.

I will start off new here and I hope to continue to bring content that is helpful to my visitors.

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