Windows 10 KB3194496 Issue

On September 2016, Microsoft releases KB3194496 to Windows 10 users. The three computers I have running Windows 10 all downloaded the patch. The problem is they all fail to install after the computer reboots. This is what happens when you restart the computer. It will rollback from the previous successful patch and restart once again. When …


Using Windows for Development

It’s been a few months since my 2011 Macbook Pro died. I’ve tried to find a replacement since. With rumors of a new Macbook Pro announcing soon, I haven’t found any justification to replacing it with another. I did however, purchased a 2015 12” Macbook. I bought for my son and I was planning to use it as a secondary development machine. I’m not expecting it to be a powerhouse laptop which is why it won’t be a primary device. I will share my thoughts on that once I play with it more.

Developing on Windows

I recently started running Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10. As a developer, I have preferred developing on OSX or a Linux VM - it’s just easier unless you’re developing for a Windows platform. But for web development, Windows has never been an option for me. I’ve tried in the past but I always hated …