Using Windows for Development

It’s been a few months since my 2011 Macbook Pro died. I’ve tried to find a replacement since. With rumors of a new Macbook Pro announcing soon, I haven’t found any justification to replacing it with another. I did however, purchased a 2015 12” Macbook. I bought for my son and I was planning to use it as a secondary development machine. I’m not expecting it to be a powerhouse laptop which is why it won’t be a primary device. I will share my thoughts on that once I play with it more.

Developing on Windows

I recently started running Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10. As a developer, I have preferred developing on OSX or a Linux VM – it’s just easier unless you’re developing for a Windows platform. But for web development, Windows has never been an option for me. I’ve tried in the past but I always hated…