Laravel Episode 3: Controllers and More Views

episode 3

Episode 3: Controllers and Move Views
  • Refer to topics covered in Episode 2
  • Adding assets locally using Node – jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Continue editing the Bootstrap layouts
  • How Controllers are used with Views
  • How to apply active CSS class for controlling style of navbar
  • Adding notification section

Laravel Episode 2: Views, Layouts, and Elixir

episode 2

Episode 2: Views, Layouts, and Elixir



  • Get episode2 branch from Github.
  • The V in MVC is View. Views are what is being displayed to the user.
  • Views are found in the /resources/views directory.
  • Show how the default is displayed by explaining the routes file and the view file.
  • Show example of .gitignore file.

Use Bootstrap Example

  • Copy and replace the default view file with Bootstrap.


  • You need to have Node and Gulp installed.
  • Explain the following files
  • app.less
  • app.css