Fix Your Favorite Headphones

I have a pair of Bose SoundTrue headphones I got back in 2015 and it has seen better days. I don’t want to throw them away since they work. The only problem it has is the worn earpads.

Bose SoundTrue

I called Bose to see if they could help me. They have cushion kits for sale but at the cost of $34. They have the black ones (329586-0010) or white ones (626655-0040). I got these headphones during Black Friday for $60. Getting those replacement pads for that price is not a good idea.

I searched on Amazon and found them cheaper for $29.95 but it’s still too expensive. I might as well get new headphones. I found an alternative for a lower cost from Amazon.

Earpad Replacement

They are easy to replace. The pads are held with clips. You just remove and replace.

Clips hold the pads in place

The fit is good. You just have to go around and make sure the edges are under the clips.

Nice fit, good as new

I decided not to use the L and R dust-proof scrim. I kept the blue ones in. It’s easy to determine which is left and which is right. Just put them on and you’ll feel it. Otherwise, the cable is always on the left side ear. Now to find a headband replacement. The support is still there but the fabric is getting worn as well.

My other headphones, Audio Technica M50 headband is worn. Again, I called the company and was told to send them the headphones and pay a fee for them to replace it.

Audio Technica M50

I found a zipped up cover and it solved my problem.

Zipped up cover

Make sure the zipper is on top or it will head our head when you’re using it. It fits snug.

What a mess

As I was fitting the cover, all the headband material started coming off. This is why I wanted a cover. Now I can continue to use and enjoy my old headphones.

Windows 10 KB3194496 Issue

On September 2016, Microsoft releases KB3194496 to Windows 10 users. The three computers I have running Windows 10 all downloaded the patch. The problem is they all fail to install after the computer reboots.

This is what happens when you restart the computer. It will rollback from the previous successful patch and restart once again. When you log into your desktop, Windows will once again download the patch. The next time you restart or power on your computer, it will try to install it again and fail. Here’s what my update log looks this past week.

Windows 10 failed update attempts
Windows 10 failed update attempts

Not everyone is having this issue but all my machines running Windows 10 have it. You can read more about it at I tried the suggested solution someone provided there.

  • delete folder C:WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftXblGameSave
  • delete registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTreeMicrosoftXblGameSave
  • Re-run the update

It worked on my laptop. I haven’t tried it on my other machines. I will update this post once I do.

It finally installed - kb3194496
It finally installed – kb3194496

I never imagined doing another registry edit. This experience has really turned me off in continuing to use Windows. There are rumors of an Apple hardware refresh announcement late October 2016. I’m leaning towards going back to Apple.