Laravel Episode 8: CRUD Part 2

episode 8

Episode 8: CRUD Part 2


  • Go over form method spoofing.
  • Change the create form to use form method spoofing.
  • Delete unnecessary buttons “more info” and “edit”.
  • Create the edit form page.
  • Code the update process.
  • Add the delete functionality and note that it is a POST method.
  • Show how to create a custom_js for blade to put custom javascript code.
  • Add javascript confirmation code for deleting the record.

Laravel Episode 7: CRUD Part 1

episode 7

Episode 7: CRUD Part 1


  • Changes since the last episode.
    • Switched out laravelcollective code to standard html code.
    • Moved validation messages to part of the form.
    • Updated elixir to version 5.
  • Create a new migration for products table.
    • id int(11)
    • product_name varchar(255)
    • sku varchar(30)
    • price decimal(5,2)
    • description text
    • timestamps
php artisan make:migration create_products_table
  • Create restful routes for products.
  • Create model for Product.
  • Order of creation.
    • view all page
      • pagination
      • view (show) link for each record
      • if no record exist, show message, else show records
    • create record page
      • form validation