2022 Model Y Performance

My first EV was a 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. It was my first introduction to saving even more on fuel cost. I previously had two Toyota Prius and enjoyed the fuel cost savings. I didn’t realize I could save even more switching to full electric vehicle.

If I loved my Model 3 so much, why trade it in? Well, I’ve always wanted larger cars. I also wanted a truck for a very long time. Tesla has made it possible for me to be able to not only afford cars but larger cars. It’s not that I couldn’t afford trucks and SUVs, but Tesla makes it a practical expense owning these cars. I have a long commute and the cost of maintenance and fuel for not only gas vehicles but large vehicles is just not worth it in my opinion. We’ve owned two minivans, a Sienna and Odyssey, but they were weekend cars not daily driver. With the higher trade in value of used cars, I got an opportunity to get the Model Y (although the cost of a new one increased).

It only took two weeks from order to delivery which was unheard of. Here is my timeline.

  • August 17, 2022: Placed the order online – such an awesome experience. I hope other manufacturers follow this in the future.
  • August 24, 2022: Got a text to schedule my delivery. I also was able to get the vin number. I opted for a September 3, 2022 delivery but later was able to reschedule.
  • August 31, 2022: Took delivery of my new Model Y Performance.
Price and specs

My sales rep said it was the shortest he has ever seen. Many people think it was a declined delivery due to financial or quality control issues from a previous matched buyer. But the timeline didn’t seem to assume that. There was not enough time for someone to have inspected the vehicle and refuse it. I got the text and vin pretty much as soon as the car was on the truck headed to the delivery center. It seems I was the first and only person matched to this car. This was not the case for Abby’s 2021 Model Y Long Range 7-seater. We were able to get her car a month earlier because someone had refused delivery. One person’s lost is our gain, so all good.

I really love this car. It sits higher and is very similar to my Model 3. It does consume more energy though. But it has the newer center console, double pane front windows, wireless phone charger (slow and doesn’t work on iPhone Pro Max with case), and has the performance package.

Two things to note on the Model Y Performance.

  1. It doesn’t have track mode like the Model 3 Performance but rumor has it that it will be added with a software update some time in 2023. Not a big deal but nice to have. https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/model3/en_us/GUID-92CA3DCA-EDA3-4243-861E-2C770F5506FD.html
  2. The Model Y Performance, unlike the Model 3 Performance have staggered wheels – meaning it has wider tires in the rear. This is the same with the latest Model S and Model X. I visited a nearby tire shop where I took my Model 3 for free tire rotations. They said that staggered wheels can be rotated but across. Looking at the manual, here’s what it says.
    • Vehicles with staggered tires can be rotated side-to-side (left-to-right) but not front-to-back as the front and rear tire size is different.
    • Model Y tires are asymmetric and must be mounted on the wheel with the correct sidewall facing outward. The sidewall of the tire is marked with the word OUTSIDE. When new tires are installed, make sure that the tires are correctly mounted on the wheels.

      The two statements sort of contradict each other doesn’t it? I’m a bit confused. Unless, the tires can be flipped? Wouldn’t the tread be backwards then? Now I spoke with a Tesla rep and they said staggered wheels don’t need to be rotated. Instead it needs alignment at a cost of about $275. This is more than anticipated versus free rotation at the local tire shop. We’ll see when I get closer to 6,000 miles as they recommend either rotation/alignment every 6,250 miles.

Overall, the Model Y has been great so far. This should have been the car I bought instead of the Model 3 (at that time, Model Y was not built/planned yet). This was also the trim I should’ve ordered in the Model 3. I don’t use the Performance feature of the car. I think I’ve outgrown the instant torque and performance part, although it’s always nice to have and ready to go. But the looks of what the performance brings is nice – carbon fiber spoiler, suspension, wheels, bigger brakes, red calipers.

Check out my delivery video on the Model Y Performance.

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