Updating Software on 2016 Prius

Ever since I got the Apple iPhone X, I’ve had issues with the bluetooth system and the phone. The radio system would just restart when I try to place a phone call. The radio would not respond and pause thinking that it would swich over to the phone then it would just crash and restart. My navigation settings would reset. I would have to tell it the state I’m in and the map view setting. This is more dangerous than using the cell phone instead of bluetooth – in my opinion. It’s random but it happens at least once a day.

I checked if there was an update available but I can even install it. The button is not selectable. I believe you would have to plug in a USB or micro SD card and it checks if that contains an update. I searched online to see if I could find instructions but can’t seem to find any. I finally brought it in to a dealer and asked about it. The technician found out that there is an update available. They were going to charge me $70. I said no! That’s ridiculous for them not to support the software for free. I may be looking at it the wrong way but imagine buying a laptop from Dell and they charged you a fee to update the operating system – not even a new version of the OS but a patch. I asked if they could just give me the patch and I’ll give them a micro SD card to put it in. They would not do it.

I brought it in to another dealer since I needed to do an oil change. I mentioned about the radio and bluetooth issue and hinted that there might be some update. They added it to the list of things to do during the maintenance. I get a call back that the car was finished along with a software update installation. They didn’t even charge for the update. Here’s the software version before and after.

Old version 010182

Here’s the new software version.

Version 010192 – don’t mind the dust

After a few days it hasn’t restarted. The only difference I see now is my iPhone X doesn’t connect all the time when I turn on the car. I have to manually connect it. I don’t know if it’s the iPhone X or the Prius. I have a 2013 Toyota Sienna and my iPhone X works flawlessly there. I tried the Google Pixel 2 XL and it works without issues with the Prius.

I have already re-paired the iPhone X before trying the software patch with Toyota. Hopefully it continues to work without the restarts.


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