My New Sony A6500

I have been doing some research for a few weeks now. I needed ┬ánew camera if I was going to do more videos. You may be asking, didn’t you just get a Canon 6D less than a year ago? Yes, but unfortunately it’s not great for doing videos. Two big reasons (for me) are it supports up to 1080p at 30fps and the autofocus on the video is just not there. I mainly record myself with the camera on the tripod so I need it to autofocus “automatically”.

I’ve been using my Sony SLT-A65 and it’s working out well. I’ve had it for a few years. It does up to 1080p at 60fps and it does good autofocus on video. I actually could and have. Unfortunately, it seems Sony won’t have new technology on cameras using A-mount lenses. After a few weeks of research I have decided to go with Sony as the next camera. I ended up with the Sony a6500.

Sony a6500 body only with 18-105mm F4 G lens

After spending a day with it, I compiled a list of likes and dislikes.


  • It comes with a USB cable and power adapter. I can charge it without weird, proprietary cables. I can also power the camera through this cable.
  • The hot shoe is now “standard” unlike my Sony a65.
  • IBIS (in body image stabilization) and autofocus on both video and photo.
  • 4K video support at 24 and 30 fps (60M/s or 100M/s).


  • I got the body only package and it didn’t come with a battery charger. The camera itself is the charger. I’m not sure if the kit lens package comes with it.
  • The LCD outside, in a sunny day, is unuseable.
  • The LCD does not flip out. It just articulates up and down.
  • Battery life is bad. I used up 30% just playing around with the settings.

Here are some of the first accessories I got.

As mentioned, I got a body only camera. The lens I picked up is the Sony 18-105mm F4 G lens. This is a great lens. The autofocus is fast and silent. It has a power zoom so I can just slide the button if I want to zoom in or out. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to get the body only rather than the kit lens.

I usually get a UV filter. I’m not a pro at photos or videos, not even close so I wouldn’t even know how to take advantage of the other type of filters. But I want to use a filter. The most basic is a UV filter. The size is 72mm and I got one from Tiffen.

I also got a screen protector. Many users have shared that the LCD is easily scratched. It’s a good investment if you are concerned about this.

screen protector

Because I was concerned with battery life, I need not only additional batteries but a better way of charging. So I picked up the Ravpower NP-FW50. It can charge two batteries at a time and comes with two additional batteries. All for the cost cheaper than one Sony battery.

Ravpower NP-FW50

So far, I’ve been using my TV as a monitor when recording. This camera uses a HDMI type D cable. I had to pick one up.

HDMI type D cable

To improve some lighting, I picked up a Neewer CN-LUX360 lamp. It can be mounted above the camera to improve lighting. It had good ratings on Amazon and it’s affordable.

Neewer CN-LUX360

I believe you can mount more on its sides. I only picked up one to try. So far, it has improved photos where my ISO doesn’t have to be that high. Although, the a6500 is pretty good at high ISO. It comes with to diffuser. Here is a picture with it mounted on the camera.

Neewer lamp mounted on Sony a6500

After a day of playing around with the camera, I am impressed. Even though it’s mirrorless and has a smaller footprint, after the lens and other accessories, it’s starting to weigh as much as my other DSLR. I’m not too concerned with it. I rarely go on all day shoots – plus I have a nice shoulder strap. Again, I’m no pro, just a family man that likes to catch memories.

I got some more accessories coming, like a cage. I’ll share that ones I get it and start using it. Also, check out my Youtube video on this camera.


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