Curl Error 60 with SSL Certificate

I am writing an app using the TMDB API. It uses CURL to access the API. I get the following error.


Here is how I fixed the error.

  • Download and save the PEM file to your PHP installation directory / extras / ssl / cacert.pem.
  • Edit your php.ini file. Enable the entry curl.cainfo = by removing the semicolon.
  • Provide the path to the cacert.pem file including the file name. As the notes in the php.ini file say, be sure to use the absolute path. Wrap the path in quotes.
  • Save the file. If you have a web server running, you will need to restart it for the changes in the php.ini file to take effect.

That should do it. I’ve seen other posts saying to use an older version of Guzzle but that might not be a good idea for security reasons. Try this solution first. If it doesn’t work, try an older version of Guzzle but use at your own risk. I found my solution from reading through

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