Laravel Episode 1: Starting A New Project

My first time streaming on I wanted to share with people how I use the Laravel framework. I decided to create a fictious project and call it Storedemo. It’s pretty much a demo of an online store. I chose this because it will provide different case studies. Being my first time, I ran into some technical difficulties. Fortunately, a support staff joined the room and was able to provide assistance. I had to cut the stream. That’s why you’ll see two episodes/videos. Below are the links where you can watch them. Hopefully in the future I can embed them.


Episode 1 Part 1
episode1 part2

Episode 1 Part 2

Here is a summary of what I discussed in the videos.


  • Why am I doing this?
    • To give an example of how someone develops in Laravel.
    • Help give a direction to newcomers of the framework.
    • Not meant to be a “best practice” or “this is how you should…”

Development Environment

  • OS X Version
  • Homebrew
    • PHP
    • PHP Mcrypt
    • MySQL
    • Composer
    • Git
  • Describe the directory structure
    • ~/apps/laravel/project_name
  • Laravel 5.1.x LTS
  • IDE
    • Sublime Text 3
    • PHPStorm
  • Sequel Pro

Create A New Project

composer create-project laravel/laravel=5.1 storedemo
php artisan --version
php artisan

Project Directory Structure

Talk about different directories and files of interests.

Using PHP Built-in Webserver

php artisan serve

Show how the route and views work.

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